Looking for a place in Miami to rent and drive a boat?

Check out Miami Rent Boat located on Biscayne Bay. Miami Rent Boat is a Miami boat service, open and renting boats 7-days a week.

Miami Rent Boat offers top-rated boats for rent without a captain. Rent a boat and drive it anywhere you want for the allotted rental time. You will be able to rent new bay boats stocked with water and ice and gas included in the price.

Once you book a boat, you can board up to 8 people on a boat on your scheduled rental. Miami Rent Boat has its boats located in the Sea Isle Marina. You can book boat rentals online or call them. Easily book online or by calling for boats for rent 7-days a week!

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If you are looking for things to do in Miami and want to have fun in the water, Miami Rent Boat is a great option!