Getting quality Hair Treatments in Miami Hair Salon

Salons offer Specialized Conditioner and Oil Treatments

Salon hair experts can help you restore the beauty to your damaged hair with our exclusive lines of professional hair conditioning products.

A quality hair salon not only researches the best products, they also perform their own tests to make sure they are providing the best hair conditioning treatment.

There are various types of hair salon treatments for hair

  • Professional deep conditioning treatments
  • Various types of hair straightening treatments
  • Hair texturizer for women to create waves and curls.

Quality Products include:

  • Kerastase Shot (10 mn Treatment)
  • Kerastase Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • Kerastase Chronologiste (30 mn treatment)
  • Moroccan oil Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • L’Oreal Shot (5 mn treatment)
  • L’Oreal Mask (15 mn treatment)
  • Kerastase Discipline (1 hour treatment)
Salon offer Relaxers and Texturing Treatments

Various Types of  Hair Straightening Treatments for all Types of Hair

Hair treatments include:

  • keratin hair treatments
  • hair botox
  • other hair straighteners
  • hair relaxers

Salon Professionals straightening can help you achieve permanently straightened hair or semi-permanent for a night out.

Salons offer Various Hair Retexturizing Treatments

Add texture and body to your hair style. Hair Salon professionals texture your hair styles along with hair treatments.

Use Keratin treatments to give your hair that smooth look and Hair Botox, Yuko and CHI to relax and straighten curly & wavy hair.

  • Relaxer Treatment
  • Perm Treatment
  • Keratin
  • Chi Texturizer
  • Yuko
  • Hair Botox